Back to the future!

If you thought Paris was only about the past glory, the historical heritage and old culture, you better get to the Gaité Lyrique and have a close look at what will happen in the future, right now.
In this 19th century theater recently renovated, all activities gravitate around the digital culture and new media, but in an accesible way for everybody. Not the boring 01010111001101 stuff but really fun and attractive activities, like the ones proposed in its current mega exhibition: “2062, Aller-retour vers le future” (Back and forth to the future). You’ll have to check out the program almost daily because it’s incredibly rich, including concerts, the art exhibition itself, workshops, lectures on sci-fiction or future technologies and even a session of collective hypnosis (if you feel like travelling within your trip!).
“2062″ started last week and will lasts for the next two months.

La Gaîté Lyrique.
3 Bis rue Papin. 75003.

Opening from Tuesday to Saturday from 2p.m. to 20p.m.

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