Safety in numbers

The 104 is one of the newest, most interesting and less known art spaces in Paris. Its name comes from the address where it’s located, the 104 rue d’Aubervilliers, 75019. And even though it’s an old tanatorium, it’s really alive with all sort of cultural proposals. Two of them have opened this week. Jeune Création: extracts and Connexions by Anne-Flore Cabanis.
The first one is a small selection of the international festival of Young Creation that every year highlights the work of new artists all over the world. Four of the artists that have participated in recent years (Claudia Imbert, Julie Chaumette, Jonas Etter and Jérémy Chabaud) are going to show their latest and exciting work.
The second show, Connections by Anne-Flora Cabanis, will consist of a sculpture that inhabits the huge spaces of the 104 interacting not only with the different buildings but also with the public.

At the 104 you’ll also find a great bookshop, a nice restaurant (with a very interesting contemporary deco) and a shop selling charity and solidarity clothing and very cool things from all over the world.

Click HERE to get all the information.

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