Red thermometer.

It’s young, it’s fresh, it’s exciting and new, although it’s 57 years old… It’s the Salon de Montrouge, an annual encounter where french artist under 35 years old show their credentials. Reinvigorated four years ago after Stephan Corréard–curator, critic and collector–took the driving wheel, this very interesting opportunity to check out the new blood in the hexagon is a must if you’re interested on having a closer look on the local art scene. This year, more than 80 artists are included in the official selection. The short trip outside of Paris is definitely worth it!

Le Salon expose chaque année environ quatre-vingts artistes émergents. Chaque artiste sélectionné présente lors du Salon un ensemble d’œuvres permettant aux visiteurs d’appréhender le mieux possible son travail artistique.

The 57th Salon de Montrouge’s opening is scheduled for May 3rd and it will stay opened until May 30th. For more info on how to get to Montrouge click HERE.

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