L’Office- Resto 9ème

A twenty minute walk from the hotel is the wonderful restaurant, L’Office, in the 9th.  The head chef is a New Yorker, Kevin O’Donnell and the patrons are mixed with fellow Americans and local neighborhood Parisians.  The decor is very simple, yet warm and inviting.  The two servers are very friendly and there is a great vibe in this small place. There is a selection of three choices for the pre-fixe and the night we went, we tried all three (lamb, chicken and tuna dishes) and it was so good we didn’t want to share!  One of my favorite wines was on the menu, a gamay called Morgan, which paired very well with the dark red meat as well as the fish dish.  I highly recommend it.  And this very good dining experience wont break your bank: three prix-fixe, beers to start and a bottle of wine was 50 euros per person :)





















































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