American Kitchen

Yesterday, I was having one of those bad days and while I was out to drink a few brew-skies, instead I found solace in a good ol’ vanilla milkshake at American Kitchen.  This new American diner is behind the hotel and open 7 days a week from 8 am – 2 am.

So in case one day you too have a rough day or are just tired and looking for something familiar to make you feel warm-n-fuzzy or you’re hungry late at night and nothing else is open–go to American Kitchen!  The huge terrace right in front of the beautiful St Louis Hospital is a perfect spot to dive into a juicy cheeseburger or sip on a milkshake :)

S’il vous prend l’envie d’un burger à point ou d’un bon milkshake vanille “comme là-bas”, alors filez vite vous installer sur la superbe terrasse de l’American Kitchen, face à la belle facade de l’Hopital St Louis.

Ce nouvel American diner se situe à deux pas de l’hôtel et est ouvert 7 jours sur 7 de 8 heures à 2 heures du matin.

American Kitchen
49 rue Bichat
75010 PARIS
01 42 08 75 21
Métro Goncourt


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