Limitless beauty.

It’s not a secret that here at Le Citizen we love Art Brut. Actually, the artworks that decorate the common spaces of the hotel come from Creative Growth, a project that helps develop creativity in people with physical and mental disabilities who create mind-blowing work!

La Halle St. Pierre -a parisian regular of this kind of art, right below the Sacré Coeur hill, in Montmartre-, is currently showcasing works from early 20th Century Italian artists. They are also concurrently projecting a variety of films on Italy’s Art Brut scene. 

BANDITI DELL’ARTE, dans toute sa force poétique, est la première exposition majeure consacrée à la création hors norme italienne. Elle ouvre une porte sur l’univers particulier d’individus ayant créé en dehors de tout système artistique officiel ou d’instances culturelles reconnues.

“Banditi dell’arte” will run until the 6th of January 2012.

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