INARO- cool wine bar

Inaro= to cultivate (good things).

This NEW wine bar has a beautiful, simple and modern decoration with two owners that take the time to thoroughly and proudly explain all their choices in wine lists and food selections.  The wine selection is really strong and they have AMAZING ‘planches’– cheese, charcuterie, or smoked fish platters (or any combination thereof)– of amazing fresh and local foods.

Before you go off to dinner or if you just want a re-fuel stop after a long day of wandering the city, stop by here!!  From the hotel, cross the canal and follow this street, rue de Lancry, all the way down until you reach a T-crossing (with the perpendicular rue de René Boulanger), take a left and a little further down you will run into my new favorite place!!!

ooh, forgot to mention how amazing their homemade desserts are!!!!

Beautifully and simply presented

In case you are still on the look-out for that perfect/unique souvenir, they are prepared with well packaged local food products!!!

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