Eileen Gray at the Pompidou!

Irish architect and furniture designer Eileen Gray was a woman ahead of her time, an artist who wasn’t afraid of exploring and moving forward. She was actually the inventor of tubular furniture, which later on became so popular yet continued to maintain its elegance and its resilience to trends and fashions. Her ageless designs are now gathered at Le Pompidou in a restrospective that will give us a real idea of the value of her work.

D’Eileen Gray, il reste des pièces uniques, avant-gardistes, des archives lacunaires et… une série de mystères. Le Centre Pompidou propose une rétrospective inédite de son oeuvre pour mieux le saisir. La critique a souvent scindé le travail de Gray en deux parties, l’une relevant des arts décoratifs et l’autre de l’architecture moderniste.

Check out these wonderful pieces…

And now stand up from your seat and rush to the Pompidou Center!!!

Until the 20th of May, 2013.


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