Right across from the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, is the contemporary art museum Palais de Tokyo. And inside, you will discover a world that’s only an appearance, where our perception of things becomes a paradox. Like a Cold Sun…. which is actually the title of the current show, under which four different exhibitions share the immense and inspiring spaces of perhaps one of the most interesting art spaces in Paris. Just wandering through the halls of this building is worth the visit, you can also have a bite in the very cool restaurant or buy some catalogues or magazines at the exceptional library too!

Après Imaginez l’imaginaire, le Palais de Tokyo dévoile avec Soleil Froid la surface d’un monde étrange où naissent des « espaces insoupçonnés » que les nombreux artistes invités explorent chacun à leur manière.

Soleil Froid at Palais de Tokyo until May 20th

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