The Haring show

There’s not much to say about one of the greates innovators in the recent art history. From the streets to the galleries and museums, the work of Keith Haring, its strenght, its savage poetry opened the door for a bunch of creators with an attirance for the graphic design and graffitti that later played a huge importance in the 90′s disfunctional art, lack art, etc.

But not only aesthetically his work turned the art scene upside down (with his friend Basquiat): he symbolizes also the political fight against capitalism, homophobia, AIDS and greed, becoming a real political activist without forgetting the acid sense of humor of his works.

If you want to dive into the amazing and cathaclismic world of Keith Haring you have two options as the retrospective of his work will be held in two different locations: the Musée d’Art moderne de la ville de Paris and Le 104.

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