Art happening right outside Paris!

The outskirts of Paris are becoming a hot art area with the recent opening of the new Thadeus Ropac space in Pantin,  Gagosian’s space near Le Bourget, and furthermore with the upcoming inauguration of the R4 in the Ile Seguin, on the west banlieu of Paris. There’s creative life on the outside of the periphery!!

Of course there’s also the huge scene of public art centers united on the TRAM, the network of art centers, but that’s a whole different story…

The reason for this migration of private spaces is obviously the limited space of galleries in Paris and the need for the major art players to show their biggest artist (in size and name), but also to be able to show group exhibitions and works that don’t necessarily fit their main creative line. This would be the case of designer Matali Crasset (above), with a  work that is in between both art and product design and who’s currently being shown at Ropac-Pantin.

And a master of the disillusion of limits is indeed Alexander Calder, who’s work is on show at Gagosian-Le Bourget.

If you feel like stepping out of Paris intra muros, this is the excuse you were looking for!!!



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