Brassaï: pour l’amour de Paris.

His real name was Gyulus Halasz but we know him as Brassaï, the photographer that discovered an unknown, strange, and hidden Paris.





From the night birds of Les Halles and Pigalle, to the intellectuals and artists of Montparnasse, Brassaï unveiled a city full of blinding lights and furtive shadows. Highly influenced by his surrealist peers, he managed to find a reality more real than life itself and created an intense romance with this city by portraying its soul.



Picasso and Henry Miller were huge fans of his work and we’re sure that you’ll be too once immersed in his magnificent images.






“Brassaï: Pour l’amour de Paris”
Hotel de Ville until March 8th
Entrance is FREE and you can download an interactive application with this LINK.


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