Parreno: Deep into the now.

In the mid 90’s a new generation of French artists bloomed in their own creative spirit and under the auspicious support of the French government. Through the creation of regional art center networks –the FRACs- and also with tax incentives for collectors, the whole artistic system was boosted.  Wonderful artists came out of this period including  ierre Huyghe, Phillippe Parreno, Bruno Peinado, Anri Sala, etc.

Of course, the creation of the Palais de Tokyo as an art center was also a catalyst to this boost and it put Paris back on top of the world’s avant-garde. Now, we can witness the results of this “french touch” in an exhibition called “Anywhere, Anywhere Out of the World” by Phillippe Parreno, which is based on a poem by Rimbaud.

For the fist time since its renovation, all of the spaces of the Palais de Tokyo will be occupied by only this one artist with total freedom to develop a space-specific project–carte blanche. The challenge was so big that Parreno hesistated between asking a psychic to help him design the exhibition or a landscaper, opting for the latter to spread his clean, distilled and sometimes sublime and ethereal pieces.

This show will be run at the Palais de Tokyo until January the 12th of 2014.

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