The Art of Everything


There are a lot of traces today of Art Deco in Paris but now you don’t need to walk all over to find them: they’re all together in an exhibition at the Architecture Museum by Trocadéro Square (so you can visit the Tour Eiffel and the exhibit in one shot!).

This style is heir of the Art Nouveau that triumphed in the French capital–and around the world– in the early XXth century, but with a more geometrical approach, underlying the importance of the technical advances of the 20s and 30s, when Art Deco bloomed like a square flower.

The exhibit itself is held in one of the greatest examples of Art Deco, the Palais Chaillot– which was built in 1925 during the International Exhibition of Arts and Crafts when the clean and modernist spirit of the early century aesthetics dazzled the world, making Paris once again, the center of international creativity. And reaching not just the world of art, but also everyday objets and architecture too, embracing them with the taste of a new era.


The show “Quand l’Art Deco seduit le monde” will be exhibited until the 3rd of March 2014 at the Musée Chaillot.

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