Is this real life?

For the latest edition of C’est Magique, Le 104 presents the Cie. 14:20 -well, all this sounds a bit hermetic!- the collective of three artists playing with creativity and magic. Actually, Clément Debailleul, Raphaël Navarro and Louise Lévêque are Cie 14:20, a collective working in the field of contemporary art. And Le 104 is one of the most active and interesting art centers in Paris, though less known as it is not in the center of the city but in the northern XIX arrondissement -but still easy to reach using Line 7 on the metro.









In this years’ edition of C’est Magique, the artists play with ideas like loss, disappearance and destruction, immersing us in a melancholic mood extremely receptive to the sensory perception of the pieces.










And all this mixed with high levels of creativity and emotional connection to culture,  particulary with Lévêque’s installation, which projects the visitor into the heart of poetry through a bibliotheque, you’ve guessed right, full of magic tricks.









For more information on how to get to Le 104 and visit this exhibition that will be held until the 2nd of February, click HERE.

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