Twin worlds

He doesn’t need an introduction.  Lynch is the father of a whole new set of cinematographic narrative and visual innovations. But he’s also a painter, photographer and musician (he released a new album last year), and also an interior designer–better yet we should say “conceptualizer”– as demonstrated here in Paris at the Silencio Club.













Even his toupée is well known…which is more well known than his aim to bring meditation to people, especially youngsters in difficulty (social, mental, etc.) through the foundation that carries his name.











But for this post we won’t talk about meditation but Lynch’s capacity to channel meditation through his crazy stories that are brought to our eyes and question our minds.













Small stories, the title of this exhibition at the Musée Européen de la Photographie, underlines that from a single frame a whole universe of mystery, uncertainty and doubt can be triggered.












The exhibition “Small Stories” by David Lynch runs at the MEP in Paris until March 16th 2014.

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